Used by the world's leading laboratories is reliable, accurate and applies all of our QC checks before releasing results. This saves us time and improves quality. We also appreciate it enabling us to longitudinally track important metrics for each test.

Dr. Ron Kagan, Quest Diagnostics


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Automate your real-time PCR analysis, QC and reporting with clinically proven enables you to run tests anytime by ensuring that QC failures, incorrect user settings and data analysis errors are caught before resulting

Error-Free: AI result analysis

Clinically proven AI analysis of every real-time PCR curve, in seconds

Run Verification

Ensure that the correct baselines, thresholds, labelling and controls have been used

Automated QC

Automate Westgard checks and review on in-run and long-term Levey Jennings reports

Beautiful clean UI

Simplify your review process with simple clean and searchable user interfaces

CFR 21:11 Compliance

Reduce your regulatory reporting overhead - tracks and audits all user actions

Automated LIMS integration

Automatically report your results to LIMS as soon as the analysis is complete

Maximise Efficiency with

Transform Your Laboratory Operations with Cutting-Edge Automation

With AI-driven analysis, significantly enhances accuracy and standardization, reducing manual errors. Validated with over 99.9% interpretation accuracy, it outperforms manual specialist analysis.

Real-Time Quality Control

Monitor and analyse QC data in real-time, enabling early issue detection and resolution. This proactive approach ensures consistent accuracy and prevents potential problems. Outperform manual analysis with AI-driven accuracy, validated at over 99.9% interpretation accuracy in multiple studies.

Enhanced Turnaround and Reliability

Achieve high accuracy with reduced turnaround times. Our system facilitates round-the-clock testing with automated and remote QC monitoring, reducing the workload on senior staff. Deliver results 10 times faster, with about 90% less hands-on time, optimizing patient care and freeing up staff for other tasks.

Cost Efficiency & Resource Optimisation

Reduce operational costs with faster throughput and minimized manual oversight.'s AI standardisation lowers expenditures on manual expertise and compliance, as demonstrated in independent ROI studies.

Simplified Compliance and Record-Keeping

Eliminate the hassle of manual record searches. automates data audit and backup, simplifying compliance with regulations like CFR21 Chapter 11 or ISO15189 and ensuring business continuity. Easily access records for audits with our organized system.

Customisable Modular system

Choose the features that you need for your laboratory

Lifetime database

Secure storage of your results for as long as you need


Validation of controls, standard curves and results to maximise accuracy

Multi-run validation

Compare repeats and combine wells across runs to get the results you need

Rules engine

Use our unique rules engine to validate your results according to any requirements

Monitor result trends

Monitor laboratory performance with alerting capabilities for unexpected changes

Federated login

Use your organisation's Active Directory, Google or other (SAML/OpenID) login provider

Clinically validated

PCR.AI has been clinically validated and proven by the UK's NHS to improve standardisation of results and laboratory efficiency


See below for our most recent publications was used in parallel to manual methods by NHS Glasgow for thousands of real-time PCR output results. demonstrated greater accuracy and 90% reduction in hands-on time. Published in the Journal of Clinical Virology

Kings College NHS used to automate result verification and reporting for their Covid-19 testing using Viia7 devices and discovered issues with the inbuilt cycler analysis software that were overcome by use of Published in the Journal of Virological Methods.

UNDER REVIEW - Clinical study by NHS hospital laboratory on accuracy and efficiency of for quantitative multiplex real-time PCR testing.


Security and Quality certified

ISO13845 Certified Analysis

ISO27001 Certified data and application security

Patented solution

Clinically validated


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